Tips For Getting Rid Of Head Lice In Young Children Part 2

What To Expect At A Back Pain Clinic

You may be fearful about going to a back pain clinic in Boulder, Colorado. Keep in mind that they are in place to help you reduce and eliminate your pain. They are trying to help you identify the underlying problem and then come up with a solution to resolve it. Covering up back pain with medication isn’t the long term solution.

Get Rid Of Head Lice In Young Children


When you call a back pain clinic in Boulder, Colorado, they will ask you a few questions. Then they will get you scheduled for a free consultation. This is your opportunity to come in and talk to professionals about your back pain.

You may already be talking to your regular doctor about it. If you have insurance, you may need to get a referral to a specialist in order for them to agree to pay for it. To get information from Boulder based pain management clinic, click here.

During this consultation, you may be asked a variety of questions. You may be asked to submit to various forms of testing. They may ask you to sign a release that allows them to get your medical history information from your primary physician. You have the final decision about working with the back pain clinic or not.

Should you decide to move forward, you will be assigned to various professionals within the pain clinic setting. The goal will be to match you up with the professional that can offer you what you need at that point in time. The process will often start out with you talking to a neurologist. They can rule out certain health problems and confirm you do have a spinal concern.

From there, you will be referred to a specialist that can help you through medicine and rehabilitation. You may spend several weeks or months working with them. As long as the pain is getting better, then you will continue down that path. If the pain isn’t improving or it gets worse, then you may be referred to a surgeon.

Professionals Specializing in Pain Management

There are several different types of professionals you may encounter at a back pain clinic. pain clinic Some of the doctors are able to offer more than one service. Others offer very specialized services in one particular area. After you are assessed and evaluated at the Boulder, Colorado back pain clinic, they can schedule you with the appropriate professionals to explore pain management options.


The role of a Neurologist at a pain clinic is to diagnose and treat disorders that affect the nervous system. They can lead to chronic back pain if not successfully treated. The nervous system is very complex and there can be problems with the spinal cord, the surround nerves, and even the muscles. All of this can lead to chronic back pain.

They are responsible for completing an examination of the various neurological structures of the body. They may look at the nerves of the head and neck in addition to those found in the back. They often perform tests to identify the range of movement, the level of sensation, and even balance for the patient.

The reason that you will find a Neurologist at a pain clinic in Boulder, Colorado is that they can look for underlying problems. Sometimes, chronic back pain is the symptom of an ongoing medical concern such as Multiple Sclerosis. They can complete testing to determine if the patient has a concern that is primarily neurological or if it is indeed a musculoskeletal disorder. This type of evaluation can reduce the risk of a misdiagnosis concerning back pain issues. Read the Part 3 here.