Tips For Getting Rid Of Head Lice In Young Children Part 1

Head lice are parasites that often affect school children who have come into contact with another infected person. The problem of a head lice infestation has become so common that it is virtually a tradition for many school children.

The first step in lice removal is identifying them, either through confirmation of symptoms or a visual investigation of the children that are known to have been in contact with another child who is known to have them. The parasites feed of the blood through the scalp and the females lay eggs (nits) in the hair, leading to a larger quantity of lice.

Get Rid Of Head Lice In Young Children

Some symptoms of head lice are:

  1. Itching of the scalp
  2. Excessive scratching
  3. Feeling of something crawling
  4. Visually detecting the bugs or nits

Once a child has been found to have head lice, they are often sent home from school until they use a professional lice removal company to get rid of the bugs. Unfortunately, the treatments that are bought over-the-counter are not effective even though they contain harsh chemicals. Also, the parasites have often been spread to other children in the classroom by the time they symptoms have been recognized.

Licetroopers How to Go About Lice Removal

The immediate response when lice are found in a child is to purchase a lice removal product at the drug store. These do not work. Shampooing these products on the hair may actually cause damage. Another alternative is to go to a lice clinic where an all-natural treatment is used to remove lice without the harsh chemicals and side effects that may accompany traditional treatments.

When achild is treated for lice, every member of the family should be checked for lice as well. In addition to treating everyone’s hair that has lice with anall-natural shampoo, bed clothing and the clothing that has been worn should be washed before the treatment. Items such as stuffed toys that cannot be washed can be placed in a bag for two weeks to kill any lice that may be left behind.

The Guilt of Having a Child with Head Lice

Although it is neither through neglect or uncleanliness, parents often feel very guilty when their child gets head lice. They feel that others will think they are dirty or that they don’t take adequate care of their kids. In reality, the only place that kids can get head lice is from head-to-head contact with another infected person. It doesn’t matter how clean or well-cared-for they are.

Parents should not hesitate to get the needed help for lice removal to eliminate the lice from their child before they can be spread to other children. They should also contact their teacher(s) to let them know that they have found lice in their child’s head so other parents will know to check their kids in case they need lice removal as well. Read the Part 2 here.