How to Increase Leptin Naturally to Lose Weight and to Stay Healthy

Increase LeptinLepin hormone helps you keep the balance of the calories you take and the calories you use for energy. If you crave so much and desire to take more and more foods, this means that your leptin level is low. This happens to others with overweight and obesity. Therefore, you need to learn how to increase leptin.

Low level of leptin can make you not satisfied with the foods you eat so that you are still hungry and want some more foods. By increasing the leptin level, you will have a normal way of eating. There are some steps of how to increase leptin levels naturally.

How to Increase Leptin: Eating the Right Way and the Right Food

There are some tips in how to increase leptin, especially when it comes to eating the right way. First, you should limit the fructose consumption. Fructose deactivates leptin. You may actually have many leptins, but when you eat more fructose, the leptins will not work. Then, avoid simple carbs because they spike the insulin levels that negatively affect the leptin production.

Additionally, you should also avoid too much calorie restriction. Keep your body get enough nutrients because if it does not get what it needs, the hormones will be deactivated.

You should also eat the right food. Learning how to increase leptin, you will find some foods that increase leptin. First, you need to have protein packed breakfast. This will keep you feel full longer so that you don’t want to get more foods. You also better take fish. They are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. This substance answers the question of how to increase leptin sensitivity. You may take salmon, herring, mackerel, etc. Besides, you also better lots of leafy greens, veggies and fruits. They all are rich in nutrients and few calories.

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The next tips in how to increase leptin is to avoid sweeteners and snacks. Sweeteners are artificial flavor zing. You don’t need them. Snacks are not good because when they are constantly taken, they will make your body can’t reset itself. Alternatively, you better take nuts or fruits to curb the craving.

Foods with high zinc are strongly recommended. Researches reveal that someone with leptin deficiencies is usually with zinc deficiencies. Therefore, spinach, lamb, beef, nuts, seafood, beans, pumpkin and mushrooms can be the solution.

How to Increase Leptin with the Right Lifestyle

Naturally how to increase leptin also requires the right lifestyle. There are some actions that you need to make them as your habit. You need to distress with yoga or meditation, get enough sleep, take enough (not too much) exercises, and consider medications when you find something wrong with your leptin.